photo of log wal being stainedAfter the blasting is complete, we clean all exterior windows with Windex. We then poly and tape all glass and metal finishing’s, power outlets, concrete surfaces or rock walls, plants, decks and any other surfaces to avoid overspray from staining.

Once all exterior prep is complete we begin to spray the first coat, also known as the flood coat. The wood is porous, it acts like a sponge allowing my crew and I to apply the stain on heavily.

After three coats of either Sansin or Sikkens is applied, we inspect the coatings and do any touch ups if required. We then peel all tape and poly from the glass and other prepped areas, bag all used prep material and remove from the site, if possible.

All fixtures and downpipes are re-installed after staining is complete. The customer and I then do a site walk and together and we inspect each wall.