Log Home Refinishing

Ocean Pacific Media Blasting has been doing log home surface restoration for over 15 years now.

We take great pride in our work and love making dramatic changes in people’s lives. The media we use is a very fine crushed glass with the consistency of salt, which cuts the old stain away and leaves fresh new wood behind, ready to be treated.

Below are some advantages of using the crushed glass media:

  • Environmentally friendly. Learn more»
  • Will not raise grain causing surface to become "fuzzy".
  • A very cost effective and rapid method of restoring wood.
  • Ability to spray even the tightest corners completely clean.
  • No residue left behind leaving surface ready to be treated right away.

Here is the entire log home restoration process:

  • The first thing we do when we get on-site is we prep the area removing down-spouts, electrical plates, etc. more»
  • We begin the blasting process with a silica-free crushed glass non-organic material. more»
  • After the all the wood is blasted clean we then give the house a blow-down. more»
  • After the blowdown we then apply 1-2 coats of a product called Penetreat which is a Borax powder mixed with water then sprayed on the logs and siding. This step prevents rot and insect infestation. more»
  • In addition to restoring log homes we also re-stain them to protect them from our harsh Canadian weather. Some customers would prefer to have our crew take care of the whole project. So if the customer desires, once the third step is complete a full day later we start the staining process applying 2 to three coats of the customers’ choice. more»

In addition to our log services we also chink and caulk gaps in between logs if required.