Blasting vs Sanding

What is the difference between crushed glass blasting and sanding?

Media blasting using ultra fine 50/100 crushed glass is the usually the best preperation method for all types of wood. The alternative is to sand or grind. Here are the differences:

Blasting slightly profiles the substrate surface opening up the pores allowing the stain to penetrate deep into the cell structure, ultimately providing superior protection from harmful UV rays, rain and snow.

Sanding and or grinding is labour intensive, taking weeks to complete. It also leaves the substrate surface smooth as glass, closing the pores. The stain doesn't penetrate deep enough to provide long lasting protection. The coatings on sanded wood become film coats. They are not penetrating like a blasted surface. Film coats will peel and de- laminate, making maintenance a frequent process.

Crushed glass blasting replaces the need to use toxic chemicals. It is also 100% silica-free and naturally dissipates into the environment in the same way that sand is applied to grass for improved drainage.