Preparation Required for Blasting

Preparation of Interior:

Once on site, my crew and I enter the home and wrap the interior logs with poly, stapling it to the logs to create a tight seal so dust doesn’t enter through any gaps while blasting the exterior. In addition, we lay poly over all furnishings in case the dust breaches the poly and makes it way in. Once the interior is prepped, we head outside to remove all light fixtures and down pipes from exterior walls, and tape off glass.

Preparation of Exterior:

log home prepared for media blasting

  • Remove all downspouts, electrical plates, light fixtures and anything hanging on walls.
  • Re-locate patio furniture, BBQ, and anything else sitting on deck to a less dusty enviroment. Tarp if required.
  • Tape off all door knobs, window frames with carbon fibre hurricane tape.
  • Tape all phone and TV cable lines and boxes.

If required, we tarp flower pots and plants to avoid glass media from getting on them.

The glass media is 100% environmentally friendly and doesn’t change the PH balance in soil or water.



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