Rosebud Alberta

This log and log siding home was hand-crafted by Pioneer Log Homes master builders out of Williams Lake BC. The house is situated in Rosebud Alberta on 2000 acres of Grain Fields.

This was a very special build, as every log and piece of siding were carefully picked red cedar. Knots, flared ends and interesting grain were selected to give this custom build more character than a standard cookie cutter log home.

Once the home was fully erected, it sat for a few weeks while various construction details were completed. During this relatively short time, wood experiences UV damage to the surface, closing the wood pores near the surface. This natural “silvering” of raw cedar has the effect of blocking the ability of any stain that is applied to penetrate deep into the wood. Ocean Pacific went in and blasted all the wood back down to fresh cedar, profiling it just enough to remove the silvering. When freshly blasted, cedar takes on three times the amount of stain than weathered wood. Once blasted, it opens up the wood pores on the surface allowing the surface to take on more product penetrating deep into the cells providing superior protection for years to come.

We had the pleasure to refinish the Wilson’s home inside and out with three coats of Sansin Espresso – the results were spectacular.