Log Home Finishing, wood refinishing services of log and siding homes, glass blasting and staining, and More!

"We're With You To The Finish"

environmentally friendly - Silica freeSince 2000, Ocean Pacific has been leaders in the industry, specializing log home refinishing, the removal of existing failing stain, fire/smoke stain removal, and the restoration of log homes in every environment. In addition to preparing surfaces, we are also trained and certified in reapplying all types of coatings and insecticides for long lasting protection against the elements.

Ten Peaks & Whiskey Jack Lodge located

By blasting the old failed coatings and re applying new coatings, we were able to stop and decay any further UV damage. We were given 3 weeks to blast and stain both lodges. My crew and I got the job done in 15 days, saving them $30,000 dollars per day in revenue loss. ... [more]